「 Goodbye 」(さようなら)のネイティブからかっこいい英語の言い方のまとめ11選

Alternative Ways To Say Goodbye In English 英語でさようならの代替の言い方 There are lots of ways to say goodbye in English. Some are cool and casual, some are a bit formal. But this is cool English, so we won’t spend much time on the formal ones. Below are some dialogues that show you how to say goodbye, and … Read more


英語の「Many」(たくさん)の代替言い方を習いましょう There are a ton of ways to say “many” in English. But… not all of them are cool. Some of them are old, others just never caught on. But don’t worry. Just come with me, and I’ll show you some of the coolest ways you can express this very useful idea when you’re chatting … Read more

Don’t Worry About It ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: Don’t Worry (About It) 意味: 心配しないで、気にしないで 品詞: 成句、否定の動詞句 “Don’t worry (about it)” is a phrase we natives use quite a bit. It just means 「気にしないで」or「心配しないで」in Japanese. We use it when we think something isn’t worth worrying about, either because it’s not important or because you know that you or someone else will handle the … Read more