Buy It ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: Buy It 意味: 信じる 品詞: 句動詞 Dialogues対話 A: He says he has a lot of money.お金たっくさん持ってるって、彼が言ってるよ。B: I don’t buy it. That guy lies all the time.信じないよ。あの男はいつも嘘つくからね。 A: She says she got home at 11 last night.彼女が昨夜は11時に家に帰ったって言ってるよ。B: Yeah, do you buy it? She looked like hell this morning.それ、信じてるの?彼女、今朝ひどい格好だったじゃん。 You want to take a break? I … Read more

Jealous ってどういう意味?

単語: Jealous 意味: うらやましい、ねたむ、嫉妬する 品詞: 形容詞 Dialogues対話 A: He got perfect scores on all his tests! I’m so jealous.彼は試験の全部満点できた。うらやましい!B: Yes, you should be!そう、当たり前だね! A: I wonder why she’s being mean to me all the time.彼女は何でいつも僕に意地悪しているのかな。B: She’s probably just jealous of you.あなたのことをねたんでいるかも。 You’re learning so much English. Your friends are gonna be jealous. BillBill is an … Read more

All The Time ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: All The Time 意味: いつも 品詞: 副詞句 “All the time” is another way to say “always”. Native speakers use this phrase, well, all the time. Or maybe it’s better to say we use it a lot. Native English speakers often exaggerate when speaking, so actually this phrase is often used to mean we do … Read more

ネイティブからかっこいい英語の「 Like 」(好き)の3つの言い方のまとめ

How often do you say “like” when you’re speaking English? Probably a lot, right?. It’s one of the most common words you hear. But aren’t you getting a little bored with it? Lucky for you, there are a ton of other ways to say you like something in English. And, lucky for you, I’ve put … Read more