Been There Done That ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: Been There Done That 意味: 興味がない、つまらない 品詞: 成句 Dialogues対話 A: I’m so bored! Let’s go to Karaoke!暇だなあ、カラオケ行こうよ!B: Been there, done that!カラオケは興味ないよ! A: What did Professor Suzuki talk about in class today?今日の授業で鈴木教授は何を話してたの?B: He talked about how great the bubble economy was.バブル景気の良さを話してたよ。A: Ah, been there, done that!ああ、つまらないな! Should I say I hope you’re doing well again? … Read more