Never Takes Anything Seriously ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: Never Takes Anything Seriously 意味: 何事も真面目にうけとらない 品詞: 成句 Dialogues対話 A: What’s wrong?どうしたの?B: Oh, nothing. Just… Mark is pissing me off. He hasn’t finished his part of the project. He never takes anything seriously.ああ、うーうん、なにもないよ、、ただ、、マークがとてもイライラさせるの。彼、この計画の彼の担当した部分をまだ終わらせてないんだって。彼は何事も真面目にうけとらないのね。 A: How was class?授業はどう?B: It would have been pretty boring, but this girl Jessica kept mocking the teacher while he wasn’t … Read more