「They Say」ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: They Say

意味: 〜と言われる

品詞: 引用マーカー

In spoken English, we don’t use passive voice that much. But in spoken Japanese, people use it a lot. So your English will end up sounding strange if you don’t do a lot of listening practice because you’ll try to use the passive voice in situations a native would never use it.


One of those situations is talking about common knowledge or things that many people say. In Japanese you say “と言われる”, and in many dictionaries, the first thing that comes up is “It is said that…” But that phrase is mostly used in written English. In spoken English we often use “They say”.

そのようなシチュエーションの1つは、一般的な知識や多くの人が言うことについて話すことです。日本語では「と言われる」と言われて、多くの辞書で最初に出てくるのは「It is said…」です。でも、そのフレーズは主に書く英語で使われています。話す英語では、「They say」をよく使います。

Who is the “They” in “They say…”? Well, people who say that! It often means official sources, like the government or scientists. Sometimes it means people on the news. And sometimes it just means people in general.

「They say」の「They」は誰でしょうか?まあ、それを言う人たちだ!しばしば政府や科学者のような公式の情報源を意味します。そして時々ニュースの人々を意味します。そして時々単に一般の人々を意味します。

They say that people learn best by example. So let’s look at some.



A: They say it’s gonna rain tomorrow.
B: Wonderful. So much for the barbecue.

A: Wanna go see Bohemian Rhapsody? They say it’s good.
B: Yeah. I’ve been wanting to see that.

A: Robots are gonna take all the jobs away.
B: That’s what they say.

A: How’s that new project coming along at your work?
B: They say it’s going well. I’m not really involved.

Quick Examples

 he’s the best basketball player ever.
 vitamin A is good for your skin.
 there’s a typhoon coming.
 cats have nine lives.

They say…

she’s crazy.
 Bitcoin is gonna go up soon.
 you can’t lick your own elbow.
 they’re gonna build a new Costco around here.
 Australia is expensive.
 air travel is gonna get more expensive.

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