I Was Like ってどういう意味?

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I Was Like...


You know what? I was gonna write this post, and then I was like, “It’s too hard to explain.” But then I was like, “No, this is really important.” And then I was like, “Nah, don’t explain, just give a bunch of examples and let people figure it out.” And then I was like, “Hmm, maybe I should explain a little, at least.”


“I was like…” is just a way we native speakers often use to say what we were thinking when telling a story about something that happened to us. It can also be what we actually said, or close to what we said. But it doesn’t really matter if we said it or not, the point is that it tells you what we were feeling at the time.

「I was like」は私たちのネイティブスピーカーがよく使う、起こったことについて話をするときに、何を考えていたのかを伝える言い方です。それか、実際に言ったこと、言ったことに近い言葉にも使われます。でも、実際に言ったかどうかはそれほど関係ないのです。重要なのは、その時点で思ったことがわかるということです。

Let’s just look at some examples, OK?



A: Have you seen Brian?
B: Yeah, I finally saw him. And he didn’t even apologize for what he did. So I was like “Don’t talk to me.”

A: How’s that marketing class?
B: I don’t know. I mean, the first day the prof just kept droning on and on about all kinds of irrelevant stuff. I was just like “Get to the point!”

A: So he told you he’s gonna fire you if you don’t work overtime?
B: Yep. But I was just like “Go ahead. I can find another job tomorrow.”

A: Did you hear Blake is moving to New York?
B: Oh, yeah. I was like “Good! Thank God! Finally!” I can’t stand that guy.

A: You ended up sleeping in your car?
B: Yeah. I was so tired from driving, I was just like “I don’t care. I don’t need to find a hotel.”

A: Did you hear they’re having bands play at the Doghouse now?
B: Yeah, I was there the other night with Teresa. I was telling her, I was like “I love it! Keep doing that!” It just creates such a great vibe.

A: Did you and Jeff talk about renting that place to open the antique shop?
B: Yeah, I did. I was like “It’s too risky. There isn’t a lot of traffic on that street.” And he was like “Yeah, but you have to take risks to start a business.” And I was like “True, but you have to think about how risky something is before you decide to do it or not.”

A: So what did she say?
B: She was like “Maybe.” She’s always so indecisive.

A: Guess what! Ben’s gonna be on American Idol!
B: I know! I was like “No way!” I mean, I hate that show, but it’s pretty cool he’s gonna be on TV.

Quick Examples


 “Go ahead.”
 “Good idea.”

I was like…

“Of course.”
 how I did it?
 “Oh no!”
 “Thank God!”


I was gonna keep writing. But then I was like,”Nah, that’s enough.” You should probably be doing listening practice anyway.

Bill Northup

Bill Northup

Thanks for reading!



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