Wish I Could ってどういう意味?

フレーズ: Wish I Could 意味: できればいいな、したいけどできない 品詞: 動詞句 There are so many things I wish I could do. It would be nice if I could spend all my time traveling the world, hanging out with my friends and family, or just reading books all day. Maybe someday. But in the meantime, check out these examples … Read more

Cheap ってどういう意味?

単語: Cheap 意味: ケチ 品詞: 形容詞 Dialogues対話 A: 5000 yen for an enkai? Does he think we’re rich?5000円の宴会? 俺ら金持ちじゃないのに。B: Don’t be so cheap! It’s his 30th birthday!お前ケチだね!彼の30歳の誕生日なのに。 A: Can you believe that Alex never offers to pay for anything?あのね、アレックスは一回も奢ったことないね!B: I know right! He’s so cheap!そうだね!あいつケチだなあ! Are you cheap? So am I. Get your free listening … Read more